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Educational Resources

With curriculum links to the Australian Curriculum for Visual Art and Science the

Education Overview for P - 10 can be adapted for any context.

Activities are based around Look/Research, Discuss, Create and offer a flexible map that teachers can use with or without the Educational Package

The Educational Package includes 'How To' sheets, instructional videos and educational posters about ghost net and ghost net art.

How to use the Educational Overview

 Use, adapt, extend


The Education Overview has been designed using the Australian Curriculum for Visual Art, Foundation to Year 10, and the Australian Curriculum for Science, Foundation to Year 10.

There is a strong focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and on empowering teachers to embed these perspectives in their programs with both science and art. 

The science also focuses on marine debris, micro plastics, the scope of research, the role of First Nations Peoples within scientific research and encourages an understanding of the importance of science and traditional knowledges. It aims to encourage educators to open a dialogue with local communities that could engage and collaborate in the teaching of these curriculum aspects.

There are sites that offer great resources such as full teaching units. We are mindful that it can be problematic to insert a whole unit into a teaching program and so have included links to those sites to enhance your classes in science and art and also subjects such as English and the social sciences.


Curriculum links also lead to embedding First Nation perspectives are closely linked to the Australian Curriculum Cross Curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories

and Cultures.

The F-10 Australian Curriculum: Science Elaborations for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cross-curriculum priority is an extensive and invaluable resource that connects to Teacher Background information.

"The elaborations acknowledge that Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have worked scientifically for millennia and continue to contribute to contemporary science. These elaborations have the potential to make learning more relevant for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and, as a result, help increase their participation in STEM subjects. They also provide the opportunity to embed a uniquely Australian perspective into the Science curriculum."

Australian Curriculum: Science

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority, 2019

This is not a start to finish program with set lessons that run over a set timeframe. It is designed to be flexible to suit your context, your time, your programs and your students. As educators it can be difficult to embed entire work programs into our planning and so we are offering a new way to engage with these ideas.


In primary schooling there may be more scope to teach across curriculum areas and so many of these ideas and links can be expanded to include English, humanities and social sciences.


In the secondary context, educators can be teaching the curriculum for science and use art as a means of exploring scientific concepts, or, in art be creating artworks from ghost net and learning about micro plastics and problem solving possible future solutions or uses. 

You may just want to do one lesson or create a whole program.

Flexibility in use.

This is our gift to you.

Download the Educational Overview here or scroll to the bottom to view it online.


The Education Package

The Education Package focuses on the combination of making art + science.


Our worksheets and instructional videos will lead you and your students from creating small ghost net sculptures such as branching coral all the way to creating a mini ghost net reef system that can then be built upon continuously from both a science perspective and an art perspective.

The 6 posters are to provide information, stimulate discussion and ideas and to inspire students to pursue future solutions as well as to enhance class rooms and displays.

The scope for this education package is varied. It can be used for environmental units, as a unit on reef systems,  or on using found objects in art, or visiting AIMS (Australian Institute of Marine Sciences) or for science excursions based on marine debris, micro plastics, or environmental issues as well as artist research, art galleries and exhibitions.


It is hoped that educators and educational organisations will open up dialogues with their local communities, environmental groups and First Nations Peoples to work together in a

collaborative exchange.

The cost of the entire Educational Package is $800.


Our Educational Package includes 6 Instructional Worksheets on how to make:

Bob Marley Sponge,

Crown of Thorns baby,



Brain Coral


Giant Triton egg sacks.


Each worksheet comes with an instructional video.


These videos are provided through Vimeo and require a password which is provided upon payment.

The package also includes the 6 posters.

All items are also for sale individually - just make an inquiry.


Please contact us though our site for information on how to access this fantastic Education Package. 

Workshops may be available locally.

Ghost Net Collective - instructional video - mini ad.

*  All raw materials can be sourced through Tangaroa Blue -

Where to source raw materials for your ghost net projects

Tangaroa Blue

Fishing rope and net scraps of different size, length, colour and texture. 

If you would like to pick-up these items instead of having them posted to you, or if you would like a half bag or bulk orders then email or order from the website -



has collected over 200 bulk bags of plastic and piles of rope and net from the coastline of Cape York and south of Cairns as far as Hinchinbrook Island.

It's free to take.

If you would you like to visit their site to inspect their collection then please call 0423 802 621 to arrange a visit.

Free worksheets

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