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"The artist group looked at the space, the place and our own personal and collective heritages and histories – we wanted people from all around the Australian coastline to connect through an object – the ray was chosen as an animal that we all know.

Rays are found nearly all around our nation's coastline – from the Torres Strait and to the south... we have chosen the eagle ray – it is found here (Sydney) as the Port Jackson Eagle Ray to the rare ornate eagle ray found along the Barrier Reef up to the Torres Strait where the spotted eagle ray is found. For some people it has cultural significance, for others, a story they can relay.

 So  for us it was a symbol that could unite many people – we love hearing all those stories. Sharing those stories is important.  So in a way we are linking coastal people together - creating a contemporary story- line that can unite." Lynnette Griffiths


Opening Night Exchange Square, Barangaroo

Erub Dance team: Kerkar Kus 

Images: Keiran James


Making the rays