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Welcome to the GNC shop

We are excited that you are considering our products. They are designed so that everyone can make a ghost net sculpture. These small sculptures can then be combined to create your own reef systems. Use our art as inspiration.


The education package can be used along side the Education Overview to add science to your art and art to your science. We aim to provide flexibility to cater for a variety of age groups across a range of subject areas.

When you purchase the Education Package (or even just a worksheet) you will be sent a password that allows you access to the Vimeo instructional video.


We are keen to have everyone making ghost net art but ask that you encourage others to buy our products rather than sharing them. We want this collective to grow and be sustainable as art is the only form of recycling of ghost nets in Australia.

The raw ghost net can be sourced through Tangaroa Blue - . They collect marine debris but please note that the debris sold in the Sea Store does not undergo any cleaning or sanitation process before being sold. It is beach marine debris that has no soil or liquid attached. 

Please contact them through their website for large orders.

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