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Ghost Net Collective workshops are for people who want to, learn, collaborate and contribute their work to a large scale piece or installation. 

The workshops revolve around large projects for exhibition and festivals. Each workshop is individually designed for a specific project with peoples skill levels in mind.


Face to face workshops are run in local areas and for national and international participants. The GNC often brings together a community of makers via online engagement.


For upcoming details please become a member and visit our calendar.


Workshop Australian Museum Sydney
12 & 13 November

You’ve likely walked on a beach and seen washed-up, discarded fishing nets. Also known as ghost nets, these abandoned fishing nets pose a massive threat to marine life and birds, and can travel extremely long distances with currents and tides. However, First Nations communities and artists are repurposing them to create beautiful works of art and sculptures that tell traditional stories.


In these in-depth, hands-on workshops try your hand at ghost net weaving and contribute to a giant woven creation as you discover creative solutions for reducing waste and the importance of caring for Country.

In this rare opportunity, be guided by artists from the Ghost Net Collective, and learn to weave using recycled materials discarded in our ocean, as you work collaboratively with other participants and facilitators to help create a large-scale woven artwork in the peaceful surroundings of the Australian Museum.

Following the workshop join an expert-led tour of Garrigarrang one of the AM's permanent First Nations galleries, to see how First Nations communities have used weaving and sustainable traditions for tens for thousands of years.

This 2.5 hour workshop is suited for both beginners and experts alike.

Note: November workshops will be led by Lynnette Griffiths and guest artists from Erub Arts (Darnley Island, Eastern Torres Strait).

December and January workshops will be led by local Sydney artists trained by the

Ghost Net Collective.

Recycled Art Weaving workshop

Discover creative solutions to reducing waste and understand the importance of caring for Country in these in-depth, hands-on weaving workshops.

12 November: 2pm-4.30pm | 13 November, 3 and 4 December,

14 and 15 January: 10.30am-1pm and 2pm-4.30pm

Previous workshops:
Whitsunday Arts Festival September 2022

Join in the creative fun: Learn to make small Ghost Net rays which will be displayed in a spectacular installation on the foreshore at Airlie Beach alongside a large soaring fever of other ghost net rays made in a previous workshop with Marion Gaemers and Lynnette Griffiths. 


First Nations summer school interns at Museum of Archeology, University of British Columbia Canada went online to learn how to make a ray for the Stories of the Moving tide project. These little rays once sewn onto the bottom of the giant rays symbolise the connection of people across the Pacific.



Face to Face workshops were conducted with local arts groups, Zero Waste, students and teachers to make marine animals.

School workshops were organised and run in partnership with Erub Artists. 

A large scale spiral installation based on a Giant Triton snail has been populated with contributions from all workshop participants.

This installation will travel from Queensland to the Northern Territory and Western Australia.


Rays at Perc Tucker

January 2022 Ghost net Collective ran a public workshop as part of the exhibition -

Fresh Material: new Australian Textile Art.

Bric a Brac at Murky Waters Gallery

Ghost net Collective ran a public workshop to raise awareness around the problem

of ocean pollution.

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