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Left Over Love

Pinnacles Gallery   

29 April – 18 June 2023

"Leftover Love – New Directions brings together contemporary artists who use textiles or textile techniques to create sculptural forms that engage with ideas around sustainability, environment, and material culture.

This exhibition has evolved from the 2021 show Leftover Love, curated by the Australian Tapestry Workshop.

These artists are driven by a desire to have a sustainable practice; all reuse, repurpose and remake using found and discarded materials. Techniques such as stitching, knitting, weaving, and quilting are used to create textural and sculptural forms that coexist together within a shared space."

Catalogue pages at Townsville galleries – Pinnacles

fever of rays 2 lynnette and marion copy.jpg

Fever of Rays

Artists: Marion Gaemers and Lynnette Griffiths

Year: 2022/23

Materials: Ghost net, beach rope and wire frame

Size: various - each ray approximately 55 x 60 x 15 cms

Photograph: Lynnette Griffiths


This fever (collective noun) of rays are a symbol that represent all ocean creatures that are affected by discarded fishing net and rope. This harmful material, gathered from the ocean is used to make the work. The material comes in a variety of colours as do rays.

Rays are found in the shallow waters around the Australian coastline. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colour. Most people using the ocean will have a story about coming in contact with a ray. They are a sea symbol that people in coastal communities can relate to.

Community Fever GNC.jpeg

Community Fever of Rays

Artists : Marion Gaemers, Lynnette Griffiths, and community from Erub Arts, Torres Strait;

Perc Tucker Gallery members;

Mary Who? Bookshop Readers;

Retreat Recreate, Melbourne;

Zero waste, Magnetic Island;

Ingham Art Action Group and others.

Year: 2023

Materials: ghost net and beach rope

Size: various : 15 x 10 cms

Photograph: Lynnette Griffiths

Many community members came together to make these small rays.  While sewing ghost net and beach rope together to make these rays people talked and learnt about the variety of rays in the oceans. It was also important that we discussed the variety of net and rope found in the oceans which was being used to make the rays. 

Crocodile  - Chomp

Artist: Lynnette Griffiths

Year: 2022

Size: 200cm x 70cm x 40cm

Material: Ghost net and rope over aluminium frame.

Photograph: Lynnette Griffiths


Just like the plastic waste Chomp is made from, everyone loves to hate the crocodile, a distinctly North Queensland symbol of evil and menace.  It’s gaining prevalence is an evolving story that could be devastating for those who don’t take care in our waters. The same wariness and concern needs to be extended to the pollution of our environment.


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